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How to use Elasto-Max flexible pointing

Elasto-Max Application

  • Clean ridge tiles using a good wire brush.
  • Take a bucket of Elasto-Max® already tinted in the chosen colour, remove the sealed lid and apply around the edges of the ridge tiles, filling all cracks and holes. Use a trowel to your liking which should be dipped in water regularly to keep it clean and to smooth over the surface.
  • Elasto-Max® is evenly applied at 3 – 5 mm for new roofing, where only the pointing is to be done on a flush cement bedding. For repair work, slightly increased quantity maybe needed depending on the repair work to be done to fill in holes and cracks and to finish off the pointing.
  • Approx. Coverage:
    10 ltr. = 30 – 40 caps
  • We recommend the bedding be done in a common cement mortar and only the pointing to be finished off with Elasto-Max®. It is essential that the bedding must be dry prior to pointing. Never apply pointing if rain is expected in two hours.
  • Elasto-Max® product can be kept after opening a sealed bucket provided that the lid has been closed tightly and it has been kept out of the sun in a cool dry place. It usually keeps in the same bucket for many months provided it is stored as indicated.. All that needs to be done when it comes to reusing the product is to stir well and the rest of Elasto-Max® is ready to be used again.
  • Precaution: Elasto-Max® is not an additive and must not be mixed with any other product.